Mason's Community of Writers

Some of our Current Students

Sam Ashworth, an MFA student in fiction, published “In Pursuit of Prodigy: The Last Samurai and Me,” a personal essay about the re-release of Helen Dewitt's The Last Samurai, in Catapult in August.

Kristen Brida, an MFA student in poetry, recently had three poems published in Lockjaw and one in Moonsick Magazine, and she has two poems forthcoming in March in Bone Bouquet.

Kate Brett Lewis, an MFA student in fiction, received honorable mention for her story “The Barber Shop” in the Loudoun County Public Library’s 2016 Write On! Short Story contest; as part of the contest, her story was published by the Symington Press and an online version will be available soon on the library’s website.

Robbie Maakestad, an MFA student in nonfiction, has two essays forthcoming: "A Historic/Linguistic Lithostratigraphic Exploration of How David Conquered Jerusalem" in The Rumpus and "A Baker's Dozen: Memories from My First Summer Job" in Free State Review.

Eric Botts, MFA ’16, and Meg Sipos, an MFA student in fiction, have been collaborating on the podcast Bestiary, “about the strange and conflicting ways that humans think about and interact with other animals.” A two-part pilot and minisode debuted in late September.

Susan B. Woodruff

Susan B. WoodruffI received my MA from Mason in 1997, just about the time this kid came along. Now I’m in the MFA/poetry program, and he’s a Patriot freshman. Mason family!