TA Application

MFA applicants interested in a teaching assistantship for the Fall semester should apply by January 15.  Applications can either be emailed to englgrad@gmu.edu or mailed to Creative Writing, 4400 University Drive, MSN 3E4, Fairfax, VA 22030.

Download the Application

Note: A 1000-word nonfiction writing sample, preferably a literary analysis, is required of applicants who wish to be considered for a graduate teaching assistantship.  Ideally, you should select an essay that demonstrates your facility with undergraduate-level discourse about literature or a closely related field (e.g. film). We are looking for a clear and contestable thesis statement; a close engagement with the text you're interpreting and with the intricacies of language; an ability to incorporate scholarly sources into your argument, if possible; and a clear sense of audience and purpose. Feel free to select a portion of an essay for submission, taking care that you provide as continuous an argument as possible and that you frame the selection so that we can see how it fits into a longer argument.

Please be sure to upload your writing sample along with your portfolio of original work when you submit your application to the MFA program. If you have already applied to the program, please send your 1000-word nonfiction writing sample along with your teaching assistantship application.


Please contact englgrad@gmu.edu with any questions or concerns.