Information For Current Undergraduate Students

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

The bachelor of fine arts in creative writing is modeled after George Mason University’s highly ranked master of fine arts in creative writing. Once admitted, you will have the opportunity to work with our world-renowned faculty.

The Program

Many of these courses may be taken while you are completing general education requirements, and in some cases, courses listed below simultaneously meet both BFA and general education requirements. For example, English 396–Introduction to Creative Writing meets the university’s arts requirement.

Basic Course Work

■ Introduction to Creative Writing
■ Dimensions of Writing and Literature

Intermediate Course Work

■ Workshops in Genre and Media
     • Digital Creative Writing
     • Poetry Writing
     • Fiction Writing
     • Creative Nonfiction Writing
■ Analytical courses in literature and culture, including
     • Pre-1800 literature
     • Pre-1915 literature
     • Minority, folkloric, or popular literary and cultural traditions

Advanced Course Work

■ Complete a concentration in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction, including course work in
     • Forms of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction
     • Contemporary literature in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction
     • Advanced writing workshop in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction
■ Choose an additional course from a list of electives in professional development, writing, and literature, among other courses. Options include:
     • Internship
     • Tutoring
     • Professional/technical writing
     • Editing
     • Creative writing in other genres
     • Advanced literature studies

Senior Capstone and Portfolio/Thesis

■ In your final semester, take a capstone course and prepare a portfolio under the guidance of a faculty director.