Announcing the 2017 Spring Writing Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 Spring Writing Contest. The following is a list of the contests, their judges, winners, and those who received honorable mention.



Mark Craver Poetry Award:
Judge: Sheila McMullin

Winner: [duel]ity – Ela Thompson 

Virginia Downs Poetry Award
Judge: Sarah Ann Winn

Winner: Say Uncle -Laurel Ferretti
Honorable Mention: Tiptoe – Ben Brezner
Honorable Mention: How Now, Ophelia? – Alexandria Petrassi
Honorable Mention: In Paris They Kiss on Main Street – Darcy Gagnon

Joseph A. Lohman III Poetry Award:

Judge: Scott Weaver

Winner: On River Road – Emily Green
Honorable Mention: Immigration and Naturalization Services Report #1,209 – Elizabeth Vana
Honorable Mention: Nutrition – Claudia Rojas
Honorable Mention: Theft, for Juana Ines – Emma Bleker  

Mary Roberts Rinehart Poetry Award:

Judge: Kate Partridge

Winner: In the Field of Swinging Debris – Madeleine Wattenberg
Honorable Mention: Dead Reckoning – Ben Rader



Mary Roberts Rinehart Nonfiction Award:
Judge: Melanie McCabe

Winner: Barrier – Katie Branca
Honorable Mention: Not Waving but Drowning - Sarah Bates
Honorable Mention: 2,000 km – Suzy Rigdon 

Alan Cheuse Nonfiction Award:

Judge: Judith Adkins

Winner: Schmutzig Tanz – Sam Ashworth 


Alan Cheuse Fiction Award:
Judge: Elizabeth Word Gutting

Winner: The North Star – Stephanie Ahrin
Honorable Mention: Living Water – Michelle Webber
Honorable Mention: The Binding – Sarah Wheeler 

Mary Roberts Rinehart Fiction Award:

Judge: Kirsten Clodfelter

Winner: Microplastics and Other Consequences - Michelle Orabona
Honorable Mention: Daddy – Sarah Wheeler
Honorable Mention: How Come That Blood – Ben Rader 

Dan Rudy Fiction Award:

Judge: Scott Garson 

Winner: Legacy – Stephanie Ahrin
Honorable Mention: Interrogations – John Guthrie
Honorable Mention: movie night – Robbie Maakestad

Shelley A. Marshall Fiction Award:
Judge: Matt Burriesci

Winner: His Scaly Self – Joe Kuhn