Minor in Dynamic Publishing

The Dynamic Publishing minor is a unique collaboration between the School of Art and Design and Mason Creative Writing that gives students from any major a choice of two interrelated tracks: 

  • Art & Design, focused on publishing modes ranging from book arts to comics to digital design
  • Editorial & Production, focused on core acquisitions, editing, and production processes across a variety of publishing environments.

The co-curricular makeup of the minor prepares students for the highly interdisciplinary world of publishing, which requires that its workforce has the ability to collaborate across a wide range of academic disciplines and professional fields. The Dynamic Publishing minor is ideal for students seeking an academic credential for professional or graduate-school work in many different aspects of publishing, and also for artists and writers who want to learn more about the process of publishing from new perspectives.

The Art & Design track of the Dynamic Publishing minor encompasses publishing modes from hand-made books and zines to innovative electronic design and publications. As the publishing field evolves, new modes of publishing photobooks, artist books, comics, zines, and even poetry continue to develop. Artists and writers can participate in their art and writing communities, both by producing new work, and by working with the art and texts of others through editing and publishing the work of people in their communities and beyond.

The Editorial & Production track of the Dynamic Publishing minor emphasizes professional development in the areas of editing for books, magazines, and web publications; production processes that include acquisitions editing, submissions management, international publishing, jacket design, interior design, web design, media and marketing, grant-writing, and business operations. As the publishing field continues to evolve, prospective professionals are expected to be able to thrive in the worlds of paper and digital publishing. Writers and artists can participate in their art and writing communities, both by producing new work, and by working with the text and art of others through the art and craft of editing and publishing.

BFA in Creative Writing majors can especially enhance their study of craft by furthering their knowledge of publishing toward exploring careers in the field and/or better understanding the publishing process as a writer going through the experience. 

English majors and BFA majors are encouraged to reach out to advisor Laura Scott at lscott@gmu.edu.

Here is the link to more information in the college catalog.