MFA Handbook and Course Descriptions

Each year, the MFA Handbook is updated to reflect program changes, current calendars, and overall enhancements. The handbook includes program history, degree requirements, various policies, and more about the MFA Exam (for poets) and MFA Thesis (all students). The MFA Advising Sheet is most useful for current students to audit their credit status within the program, a checklist if you will, as well as for prospective students to gain a one-page snapshot of the MFA program's academic details. 

While primarily intended for current students to help them navigate the MFA program, prospective students may find the "deep dive" into the program helpful.

MFA Handbook 2023-24

For your convenience, the AY Calendar (p. 4 from the Handbook) is also inserted below (3rd-Year Students should also consult the Thesis Calendar on p. 5 of the Handbook):

Prior to registration, current MFA students should review course descriptions as they plan their academic year. Prospective students will also glean additional insight into the nature of our literary arts program's academic and craft components.

MFA Fall 2024 Course Descriptions 

MFA Spring 2024 Course Descriptions

MFA Fall 2023 Course Descriptions 

Finally, poetry students may want to delve deeper into the MFA Exam requirement for poets. Download the MFA Exam Prep document here.