Announcing the 2018 Spring Writing Contest Winners

Announcing the 2018 Spring Writing Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 Spring Writing Contest. The following is a list of the contests, their judges, winners, and those who received honorable mention.


Alan Cheuse Fiction Award
Judge: Sally Shivnan

Winner: "Advent Daybreaks on the Lullaby Pridelands." by C Michael Mincks

Mary Roberts Rinehart Fiction Award   
Judge: Zach Powers

Winner: “Hunger” by Sarah Wheeler

Dan Rudy Fiction Award             
Judge: Chris Maier

Winner: “The Other Woman” by Ellen Weeren
Honorable Mention: “The Freezer” by Carol Mitchell

Shelley A. Marshall Fiction Award
Judge: John Copenhaver

Winner: “Rajiv and the Rotation of the Earth” by Sam Ashworth
Honorable Mention: "Eggshells and Changlings" by Meg Sipos


Alan Cheuse Non-fiction Award
Judge: Huan Hsu

Winner: “El Otro Lado” by Lisa Macedo
Honorable Mention: “The Reasoning Animal” by Sofia Puente-Lay

Mary Roberts Rinehart Non-fiction Award
Judge: Nate Brown

Winner: “El Gato” by Kyle François
Honorable Mention: “Bush Clover and Moon” by Darcy Gagnon
Honorable Mention: “Lost in the Desert” by Whitney Olsen
Honorable Mention: “Juice for Faith” by Lisa Macedo


Mark Craver Poetry Award           
Judge: Vivek Narayanan

Winner: “birthright” by Tim Barzditis
Honorable Mention: “Same Dreams” by Susan B. Woodruff 
Honorable Mention:“on a painting of a bird on a map” by Janice Majewski

Mary Roberts Rinehart Poetry Award
Judge: Thea Brown

Winner: “Stippled” by Alexandria Petrassi
Honorable Mention: “To a singer” by Lloyd Wallace
Honorable Mention: “Soft Objects.” By Jordan Keller-Martinez
Honorable Mention: “threnody [smile]” by E. Rhodes Thompson

Virginia Downs Poetry Award               
Judge: Emily Tuszynska

Winner: “my brother painted birds” by Janice Majewski
Honorable Mention: “Sourdough” by Andrew Art
Honorable Mention: “Ars Mythos as Philomela” by Kristen Brida
Honorable Mention: “Armadillo” by Alayna Nagurn

Joseph A. Lohman III. Poetry Award
Judge: Jessica Kallista

Winner: “Rug” by Andrew Art