A Statement from the Cheuse Center Director, Matthew Davis

by Matthew Davis

A Statement from the Cheuse Center Director, Matthew Davis

Dear Friends of the Cheuse Center—

The events of the past week—George Floyd’s murder, the peaceful protests in response, President Trump’s use of military force against those protests in Washington, D.C.—have been gut wrenching to watch. Like so many of you, my heart breaks and my mind races with how to act against the systemic violence that continues to kill unarmed, defenseless African-Americans in this country.

Let's please educate ourselves on the historic, economic and cultural issues that millions of Americans are crying out to change. Here is a year-old link to a list of antiracist literature compiled by Ibram X. Kendi, one of the great writers and intellectuals working today, whose Stamped From the Beginning should also be on this list.

And here is a joint statement from both our interim and incoming presidents about how our university plans to respond to our country's systemic racism.

I wish you all health and safety during these difficult times. But let’s also reflect on why they are so difficult and work together to solve the lingering impacts of slavery and racism that are this country’s original sins and stains.

Our democracy needs it and our humanity demands it.

My best,

Matthew Davis

Founding Director of the Alan Cheuse International Writers Center