MFA Online Open House

People Make the Place/Funding Makes It Possible

Monday, November 20, 2023 7:00 PM EST

MFA Online Open House

Attend our MFA Online Open House and learn how PEOPLE MAKE THE PLACE and how we can help with the FUNDING THAT MAKES IT POSSIBLE. Meet students, speak with faculty, and get your questions answered by MFA program administration. RSVP above!


-- Graduate assistantship stipends have increased to $23,000 (a 40% increase in five years!).

-- For the last three years, we have been able to fully fund (stipend, full tuition waiver, and optional health insurance for all three years) every new student who has been offered a graduate assistantship (92% of our students are funded).

-- We now offer two GA options: Graduate Teaching Assistantships that deliver pedagogical instruction and classroom experience teaching composition, literature, and creative writing, and Graduate Professional Assistantships that support the work of Watershed Lit and deliver skills in publishing (traditional and online), editing, marketing, grant writing, literary program presentation, and global literary community building.

-- In addition to four fully funded third-year thesis fellowships, we offer three new scholarships for additional financial support:

  • for a first-year student self-identifying as a writer representing a marginalized voice.
  • for a first- or second-year student whose work engages topics of social justice, access, equity, or any socially/culturally relevant topics.
  • for support of a third-year student’s thesis (one award per genre, non-fellowship recipients).

- MFA students have access to two sources of summer research support: the Cheuse Center Travel Grant and the Provost Summer Research Fellowship.

-- We've launched a Graduate Certificate in Publishing Practice that can dovetail with the MFA program so that graduates can earn both a terminal art degree and a professional credential (to jumpstart careers). 

Add to these facts an award-winning, diverse faculty dedicated to the teaching of literature and literary art; an exciting Visiting Writers program that has recently featured CJ Hauser, Shane McCrae, Dan Beachy-Quick, Ruth Joffre, Sarah Thankam Mathews, Lawrence Weschler, Casey Cep, and Dong Li among many others; and a robust community of 60 writers (roughly 20-22 students per cohort) that become students' support systems during three years in the program and beyond and we think Mason might be the place for you!

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