Heritage Fellowship in Poetry Creative Writing

One award, not open to prose students.

Eligible students must have 9-12 credit-hours remaining in their degree program. Full-time student registration required for the fall semester. Spring semester requires full-time registration unless a student has fewer than 9 credit-hours to complete his or her degree program, in which case the student registers for the number of credits he or she needs in order to graduate.



1. The primary intent of the fellowships is to support students as they work on their theses, so the application process mirrors the thesis proposal process in that students submit a proposal and a writing sample, and the package represents the student’s proposed project for the coming year. The proposal should discuss the nature of the project, where the student is in his or her work on the project, and an expected completion schedule. The writing sample may come from a draft of the proposed project or, if that is not available, an applicant may submit a writing sample that closely resembles the writing she or he expects to carry out in the final version of the project.

2. TAs and non-TAs may apply. Students may not hold two positions. If a student holding a TA is awarded a fellowship, he or she must resign the assistantship to accept the fellowship.

3. The Completion Fellowship and Honors Awards formerly presented by the program have been discontinued due to funding shifts by the provost and dean.

2017 Awardee

Alayna Nagurny

Alayna Nagurny