Poetry Concentration

Why Mason?

Why earn your MFA at Mason? Simple: tradition and vision. Launched in 1980, our three-year residency program is one of the oldest creative writing programs in the country. It established a reputation for rigorous scholarship and quality art-making that only comes from excellent content delivered by acclaimed faculty who love to teach as much as they love to write. These same hallmarks exist today. Meanwhile, we are constantly monitoring the literary landscape to ensure that a Mason MFA remains relevant in the cultural, academic, and professional arenas. Workshops, craft seminars, and pedagogy courses are complemented by opportunities to teach literature and creative writing, to present your work before audiences, to usher literary art into the marketplace, to build communities around literature, and to cultivate relationships that will serve long after graduation. Mason students leave the program prepared to lead writerly lives because they started living that way since the day they first walked on campus.

Why Mason? Ultimately, the MFA is all about fine art. And fine literary art is what Mason graduates create. Here is a small, small sample of books published by MFA alumni:


The World Doesn't Require You, Rion Amilcar Scott (Liveright)
Dodging and Burning, John Copenhaver (Pegasus Books)
Casualties, Kristen Clodfelter (RopeWalk Press)
How to Prove a Theory, Nicole Tong  (Washington Writers Publishing House)
Cold Pastoral, Rebecca Dunham  (Milkweed Editions)
Museum of The Americas, J. Michael Martinez (Penguin Random House)
The Porcelain Thief, Huan Hsu (Crown)
His Other Life: Searching For My Father, His First Wife, and Tennessee Williams, Melanie McCabe (University of New Orleans Press )
Feed the Hungry, Nani Power (Simon and Schuster)